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Election management services

Pre ticket services:

Portfolio Management

⇒ AAP KA MAT (Exit Poll /Opinion Poll)

Most advanced opinion poll software through, which we can also retrieve the following information related to an assembly constituency:

Who is the best candidate in public opinion for particular assembly constituency?

Which party public like most?

Which party’s candidate public like most?

What is the latest issue in particular assembly constituency?


⇒ Live Broad Casting

A LIVE streaming video can be broadcasted across social media platforms and also on LEDs Candidate can directly interact with their followers/voters etc through this service.

⇒ Viral Marketing

Our Social Media pages/profiles already have many followers & groups; we share your posts and make them viral We can do strategic marketing by targeting your followers location wise, age wise etc.

⇒ Portfolio Design, Development & Management

Profile Creation & Management on Social Networking Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram Personalize and dedicated Web Portal to be developed & managed for a candidate.

⇒ Mobile Application Development

An impressive & attractive private mobile app, which can be installed in any android instrument and helps you keep connected with;

All your Volunteers

All Government sites

Volunteers Registration

Followers/ Voters

All social media updates (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. )

⇒ Digital Marketing

⇒ Dedicated E- Manager

Post ticket services:

Election Management

⇒ Voter’s Analysis

We are pioneers in the field of using our latest election management software for election strategies. This software has been efficiently used in many elections. This software helps in efficient booth committee management, sorting our voter list by references, getting voter list by mobile numbers, sorting out families that have good voter base etc. A contesting candidate can efficiently design Hi-tech campaigns with the help of this particular software.

⇒ Missed call alert services

Incoming Calls on unique dedicated number are processed LIVE for 24*7, where you can create a database of missed calls you get

⇒ Jansamwad number

It is an election campaign promotion tool placing an impeccable impact on voters through your powerful speeches
It allows you to have communication with the masses and increase voting percentage
It let you convey your party vision, thoughts & important developmental activities done by party to voters and party workers.

⇒ Vote appeal & awareness campaigns

Via BULK SMS & Voice Call Service, WhatsApp & Email
Voters can be requested to vote through above means thereby helping a candidate increase his reach

Campaign Plan & Strategy Execution

⇒ Documenatry film

⇒ Promotional audio song & Promotional video song

Promotinal Audio Song & Promotional Video Song helps in promoting candidate/party in gaining voting percentage. Lyrics to be maintained in such a way that followers/voters will come to know easily about your party motto in a very interestingly manner.

⇒ Sky balloon

⇒ L-Shape display van

⇒ Street plays and celebrities event

⇒ Election material & mask

⇒ Some of the important factors which we cover during campaigns are

⇒ Campaign is planned keeping following components in mind

Post Election Services:

Post Election Support Services

⇒ Social Media Management

⇒ Event Management

⇒ Working Strategy Execution for people

⇒ Campaign Execution

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